Products I’m Currently Loving #3

I can’t believe how fast July really went by, I feel like I say that at the beginning of every month but something about July made it fly by even faster than usual. Being that we’re officially in August means the Christmas excitement has officially begun and I’m so ready for the cooler weather, seasonal hot drinks and boxing day sales… #shopaholicproblems. Don’t even get me started on the decorations. Before I burst from excitement, let’s bring it back to the present summertime. Today I’m talking about the products I’ve been loving lately, and there’s been a lot!

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette – Starting off with what’s been a real standout product for me lately, I mean just look at that palette with all it’s beautiful warm goodness, doesn’t it just make life a better place. The moment I first saw this palette on social media I absolutely fell in love with it, you know when you just see a product and know you need to own it? Well that was me with this palette. Warm tones seem to be the only shadows I reach for so this palette’s perfect for me, when I first opened it I gasped and went straight upstairs to play around with it.

Whilst it’s not the cheapest palette around, you’re getting 20 shadows for the price which when you look at it like that makes it an absolute bargain. The pans are rather large, I was worried they’d be tiny but luckily they’re not. The actual shadows are such great quality, they’re soft, pigmented and easy to blend which is everything you want in an eyeshadow. I know this palettes hard to get hold of but omg it’s so worth it.

xoBeauty Medium Face Brush – When I first saw Shaaanxo use this brush in one of her videos I knew I needed it and after a few clicks I ended up checking out with a basket full of various brushes and lashes, oops. When the parcel arrived, this was the first brush I looked at and I automatically fell in love. This brush is perfect for bronzing the face and it makes it so quick and easy to do. It’s really soft and feels more expensive than it is, it’s fast become and everyday staple in my brush collection.

Sigma F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter Brush* – Although this brush is actually for highlighting, I’ve found it perfect to use to powder certain areas of my face. Since changing my skincare routine I’ve managed to get my oily skin under control meaning that I now only need to powder certain areas of my face so this brush has been perfect for that. It’s also great for setting under eye concealer and I would imagine it would be perfect for highlighting too.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick – When this foundation first came out I absolutely loved it, then as I was trying new foundations I kind of forgot about this one and it ended up at the back of my foundation drawer. A few weeks ago I saw it sat there and decided it was finally time to give it a try again, and I love it now more than I did before! For me it’s the perfect summer base, it can be sheered out for days that I want minimal makeup or build up for more coverage. It sits so beautifully on the skin and leaves my skin looking like skin, not a caked up mess…  I love it!

Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Lumiere –  Colourpop are a brand that I’ve only recently started to try (I know, I’m 500 years late on the hype train) but from all the products I’ve tried, this is certainly one of my favourites. Lumiere is a very popular shade from the brand and it’s such a perfect dusty mauve for everyday wear. The formula and wear of these pencils is incredible and on par with my beloved MAC pencils, I’ll certainly be adding more to my collection soon!

House of Lashes Boudoir* – When I had an email pop up from House of Lashes I thought it was one of two things, either 1) this has got to be some kinda scam or 2) I’m dreaming. Well fast forward a week or so (and no I wasn’t dreaming, it really was true! ) I had two rather large boxes arrive  at my door packed full of more eyelashes than any one girl needs and it still doesn’t feel real.

Since arriving I’ve been playing around with some of the lashes and the pair that I can’t seem to stop wearing is the Boudoir style, if you follow me on Instagram they’ve featured in most of my recent eye looks! The thing that I love most about this style is that it’s the perfect mix between natural and full glam so they go with a variety of different looks. I find a lot of lash styles are too over the top for my small eyes but these are perfect, I’ve even ordered back ups!

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Piggy Bank – For days that I don’t want to go for a full on eye makeup look I’ve been loving taking some of this gel liner on to an eyeliner brush, applying a thin line of it and then smudging it out with a shader brush and a lighter purple eyeshadow. Whilst it sounds like a hot mess, I’ve really been loving the look and with a thick coat of mascara it’s been my current go to eye look.

Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium – So I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the new revamped products from the Benefit brow line and this little gems become a must have. The thing I love about this is that the applicator is so small and precise that it makes applying it a dream. It adds a nice tint to the brows and really does gimme brow as they’ve never looked so thick and full before this, it’s so worth it.

So this is probably one of the longest favourite style posts I’ve ever uploaded, but there’s just been so many stand out products lately which made choosing what went into this post a real challenge. What’s your current favourite product?



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