Life Lately #3

As much as I love to sit here and ramble on about makeup, sometimes it’s nice to sit down and have a little chat about my life giving me space to rant in my virtual diary as well as giving you an insight into life as lets be real we all like to be a little nosey from time to time. So lets talk about my life lately… well it’s been absolutely bloody fantastic recently. I feel like I have so many things to talk about that the words are coming out faster than I can type so I’m just going to number them and see how we get on.

1. I’m starting university: I know, 16 year old Samm would be just as shocked as you are. When I first finished high school uni was something I’d never considered doing, none of my friends did it and I knew the career path I wanted to go down to become a makeup artist didn’t need a uni degree. Fast forward a couple of years I’ve decided that nows the time for me to get a degree. Whilst I’m doing it through the Open University so I’ll skip the whole moving away from home/alcohol filled nights thing (lets be real I’m much more of a pizza n chill type of girl), I’m offically a business management student and I can’t wait to actually start in October.

2. I’m going to New York: I honestly never thought I’d say the words. In under 250 days I’ll be speeding down the runway on a 747 on my way to a holiday of a lifetime, it truly hasn’t sunk in yet and I don’t think it ever will. Ever since I was about 7 I remember saying to my mum that one day we’ll go to New York and on one spontaneous Monday evening we finally booked it. I’m going with my mum, brother and sister and we’ve got an incredible hotel right by Central Park. With me and my brother being such aviation geeks we opted to pay extra to fly on a boeing 747 (our favourite plane model) and we’re geeking out. I need to change subject before I pass out from shock.

3. My blogs making me emotional: Blogging’s been part of my life for just over 4 and a half years now and recently it’s all become a bit overwhelming for me (overwhelming in a good way). I’ve recently gained a hell of a lot of followers (hello btw!) which has brought some crazy opportunities my way. The past couple of weeks I’ve received parcels from brands I’d never thought would even come across me (FREAKIN SIGMA WHAT THE FLAMIN HELL) and I just keep getting this overwhelming feeling of ‘why me?’. Thank you for all the love and support and if I could I would hug every single on of you because it honestly means so much to me.

4. I’ve become obsessed with Gossip Girl: So whilst it’s not really something that’s been life changing (well, it pushed me more towards booking New York so possibly), I’ve become addicted to yet another TV show – as if I needed another one. I know I’m about 9 years late to this hype train and whilst I’m only 3 seasons in it’s taken over my life and I end up spending way too much time binge watching it. Guess what I’m doing after writing this post.

So I’ve finished rambling, the words are still coming out of my mouth at about 700mph and I could easily carry on but for the sake of my readers not having to read my life story I’ll stop, hope you’re all doing well!



(ok I’m not Gossip Girl but you know I had to sign off like that)