My Favourite Apps For Editing Blog & Instagram Pictures

For me taking and editing pictures is the one thing I seem to spend the most time on when it comes to putting together a blog post, and the same goes for Instagram. What may appear to be a simple flatlay has had a lot more time, thought and effort put into it behind the scenes – I’m sure my fellow bloggers/Instgramers will agree! Whilst this post isn’t exactly revolutionary to the blogging world and there’s plenty floating around, everyone has their own ways of editing and it’s something that I’m asked a lot about so today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite apps with you.

When it comes to editing my photos, there’s only 3 different apps that I like to use. I actaully have a folder full of various different editing apps on my phone as I’m always giving new ones a try after seeing different people rave about them but they’ve never impressed me as much as these 3… and that also explains why my phones always out of memory!


Starting off with one of my most used apps, Facetune. Although it’s actually an app for editing selfies (don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to a little blemish removing turning me from 3.5 to a 4/10 from time to time) it’s actually the whitening tool that I seem to use the most. Whilst it’s aimed at changing the colour of your teeth, it works brilliantly at lightening the background of photos – something that’s truly life saving for a flatlay lover like myself.

Once I’ve gone round and lightened the picture, I’ll save it or if there’s any areas that need even more brightening then I’ll go over it again. The only problem with this is that it’s quite time consuming and I usually spend between 30-45 minutes on each picture but I’ll sit down for an editing session with Grey’s Anatomy at the ready. The thing you have to be wary of is the little ‘x’ in the top left corner… NEVER ACCIDENTALLY LEAN ON IT. Honesty the amount of times I have almost ended up in tears, I’m surprised I haven’t thrown my iPad out the window yet. Learn from my mistakes.

As far as editing blog photos goes, besides Facetune the only other app I use is iPhoto on my MacBook. I’ll use iPhoto to adjust the highlights, brightness, black points, contrast and those type of things. I once attempted Photoshop as everyone always raves about it but that was a bit of a fail, technology really isn’t my strong point! The next two apps are the ones I use to edit my Instagram pictures.

VSCO cam

Up next is the app I feel like every blogger mentions in these type of posts but it generally is a really good app that I love to use. VSCO cam is a great app for filters (HB1 is my fave) as well as allowing you to adjust things like brightness, temperature, saturation etc. The thing I love about this app is the fact it gives you the choice to copy and paste an edit from one picture to another so once you’ve found an edit that works for you, you don’t have to have a mad panic trying to remember what filter/level of brightness/temperature you used. This is super handy for keeping a theme within your pictures.

Another bonus with VSCO cam is the fact that your pictures appear in a grid view in the app which allows you to see how they look against your other photos before sharing them in Instagram which is perfect for fellow theme perfectionists. VCSO cam is a great option for editing and it had a really nice selection of filters within the app.


Last but not least is the old classic that is Instagram. Over the years Instagram has certainly developed into a super handy editing app – gone are the days of the overly filtered pictures that my old Facebook profile pictures are the perfect example of! Whilst originally Instagram only offered a small selection of filters, these days there’s a lot more variety and even the options to change things like brightness, contract, saturation etc in the app. Sometimes I’ll upload a picture just by adjusting a couple of options in the app which is a lot easier than fussing around in other apps.

The only thing I wish Instagram did have was the choice to view the image on your feed without actually posting it, I’ve uploaded and deleted photos to adjust parts so many times now – maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist, but it’s certainly a feature that Instagram needs.

So those are the apps I like to use to edit my pictures. Whilst this isn’t the most in-depth post I personally think the only way to work with an app and find ones that work for you is to just experiment, there’s so many options these days. Hopefully you found this helpful! What’s your favourite photo editing app?



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