My Blogging Goals For 2016

2016 is almost here and in my head it still feels like 2010. When they say “the older you get, the faster time passes” be warned, they really do mean it! Part of me still feels like the pink eyeshadow loving orange faced year 7 running late to my next science lesson, when in reality I’m an almost 20 year old adult who still hasn’t go her life together. Sigh. With the new year fast approaching I thought I’d share my 2016 blogging goals with you all…

Stick to a schedule

Although I’ve been running this blog for nearly 4 years, there’s never been constant content going up and I’ve struggled to stick to a schedule. Sometimes I took 6 months off from posting as my life got in the way so my blog got left behind. As of late 2015 I decided I needed to put more effort into my blog, blogging is something I really do love doing! I want to keep SColvinBeauty alive and a place for me and my readers to enjoy through 2016 and onwards, I’m determined to stick to a schedule!

Venture into the world of YouTube

I’ve always loved filming/editing, I remember getting my first camera when I was really young and I was always making random little videos with my friends and sister, they’re quite funny to watch back now! I used to upload videos back in 2007, can you imagine 11 year old Samm’s videos, yep cringe. Being the now grown up version of Samm, I want to step back into YouTube. These days I get so nervous/camera shy/do I really look that bad/ew but I’m determined to combat that fear next year!

Work on the SEO side of things

Don’t even mention the words SEO around me, it’s like asking me something maths related – there’s a 99% chance I won’t get it and I’ll probably end up staring at you in a confused daze. Even though I’ve been running this blog for nearly 4 years I discovered SEO even being thing a few months ago! SEO is a confusing world and lets be real I’ll probably never understand it, but hey I’ll try!

Be happy with the content I create

I’m a very self critical person, I put 100% effort into something and if I haven’t then it gets scrapped because I feel it’s not to the best of my ability. This is both good and bad, yes what I do create has all my effort put into it, then on the other hand there’s so many things I don’t share because I feel they’re not good enough. This comes into my blog posts, I think the reason I’ve never really been a constant blogger is because I write up loads of posts but I judge myself to the point I don’t end up sharing them. I need to stop being so self judgmental and stress less!

Improve my photography/editing skills

Although I own 2 rather expensive cameras (Olympus Pen E-PL7 and the Canon 100D), I’m still not as clued up as I’d like to be on the photography side of things. Blogging is such a huge thing now and I feel like photography is one of the main focus points with so many bloggers creating Pinterest worthy photos that give me serious photo envy. I need to find time to learn how to use my camera more to up my photography game!

So those are my blogging goals for 2016. What’s your goal for 2016?



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