My Favourite MAC Products

Stepping into a MAC store or heading over to the counter can be a very daunting task. With the endless amount of products on offer it’s easy to get carried away with the swatching and before you know it you’re buying a lipstick (or two) that you really didn’t need. I remember the day I bought my first MAC lipstick, Viva Glam Nicki *sassy hair flick and booty shake*. I felt a million dollars, walking home with the MAC bag proudly in my hand. Those were the days.

Today I thought I’d put together a post sharing my favourite products from the brand, which was a harder challenge than I thought! I own a ridiculous amount of MAC products so cutting it down to so few was difficult to say the least.

If you’re a makeup artist, makeup student, model, photographer etc you can apply for a MAC Pro Card which gives you a discount on the products as well as other bonuses such as invites to exclusive events. I have one and with it I was able to build my kit with quality products at a discount, who doesn’t like a discount?! You can find out more on the MAC Pro website.

Starting off with base products, MAC offer a wide variety of different foundations, concealers and powders depending on your skin type and finish you’re after. The staff are always willing to give you advise on the best foundation for your skin type and colour match you… don’t forget to ask for a sample before purchasing the full size bottle!

MAC Fix+

Fix+ is something I’ve been repurchasing for years, and something I swear by. It’s such a staple product for me as it can be used for numerous different things. I love to use it before I apply makeup to help prep the skin, after makeup to remove that powdered look, spray it on a brush before using a pigment, dampen a beauty blender… the list goes on. Fix+ is a must!

MAC Face and Body Foundation 

Over the years I’ve tried most of the MAC foundations, but non of them wowed me enough for me to repurchase, that was until I came across Face and Body. This foundation is beautiful, so lightweight yet buildable without looking like your face is plastered in product. I also love to mix a small bit of this into high coverage foundations to help sheer them out. You can get the foundation in two different sizes, 50ml and 120ml which are both larger than the normal foundation.

MAC Select Cover Cover-Up Concealer

The Pro Longer concealer is probably the most raved about concealer by the brand, in fact it one of the most raved about concealers ever. Whilst I do like that for under eye, it’s useless for concealing the face and can be very drying and crease easily. My favourite concealer MAC have to offer is the Select Cover Up because it’s useful for various different things. It makes a great concealer for under the eye area, on blemishes and problem areas, as an eye shadow base and can even be sheered out with a bit of moisturiser to create a lightweight tinted moisturiser/light coverage foundation. I really recommend this, and it’s a great option for the makeup artist kit.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty

I featured this blush recently in my top MAC blush post. Dainty is a beautiful medium warm pink with subtle shimmers. It looks so nice on, and this blush has earned the title of being my number one must have life saving blush. Dainty, I love you.

MAC do lipsticks really well, and have earned themselves a spot in many peoples makeup bags. I think the thing that really draws me to MAC lipsticks is that whatever colour or finish you want, the chances are MAC probably sell it.

Now I know it may come as a shock that I’ve only featured one lipstick in this post *gasp*. I’m a big fan of MAC lipsticks, but I’m going to be posting a separate favourite MAC lipstick post to save this from dragging on for eternity. I do have a separate MAC lipstick collection post, if you fancy seeing my current collection and shades I own.

MAC Brave Lipstick

I know I rave about this lipstick way too much, but I had to feature it in this post! Brave is such a perfect shade, and it gives me that easy to wear ‘my lips but better’ look. This is my most used lipstick out of all the lipsticks I own. I can’t recommend this lipstick enough.

MAC Whirl Lip Liner

Whirl was made famous back when the whole Kylie Jenner 90’s nude brown lip thing was a thing. Everyone rushed out to pick this lip liner up, and it even went out of stock for a while and became very hard to get hold of. Whirl was actually my first MAC Lip Liner, and since then my collection has grown to an almost ridiculous level. It’s described as a dusty rose, but I find it to be of a brown nude. It’s a really wearable colour, and pairs perfectly with Brave.

MAC Magenta Lip Liner

Would it really be an SColvinBeauty lip product post without mentioning a bright pink? HELL NO. Whilst Magenta leans more on the more purple side of pink, it’s more wearable than you may think. I love to pair this with Candy Yum Yum lipstick, or even the YSL Rouge Volute Shine in 19 Fuchsia in Rage.

MAC 48 Lashes

Whilst I’m a huge fan of the Ardell Demi Wispies, sometimes I want a bit more volume and a bit more ‘pow’, this is where the 48s come in. These lashes add the perfect amount of volume without giving the “look at me I’m wearing massive eyelashes that weigh so much I can hardly keep my eyes open” look. Whilst they’re not the cheapest at £10.50 a pair, when looked after they do last a while. I was having a tidy out and found 3 pairs of these in my drawer, so I really must like them!

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Emphatically Blonde

Moving onto brows, this brow gel gives me life. It holds the brows in place perfectly without making them look stiff and dry like other brow gels. The amount of product you get is good as well, this stuff lasts forever. I use the colour Emphatically Blonde which matches my brows perfectly. I pair this with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe, and lets just say… brows on fleek!

Another product that deserves all the hype it get is the 217 brush which I’ve annoyingly forgot to photograph! I have a couple of these and I can’t be without them. This blending brush blends shadows into the crease like a dream.

Now onto eye shadows, MAC have so many colours to offer! I’m a sucker for the beautiful array of colours they have on display at the counters. I keep most of my MAC shadows in a 15 pan Pro Palette, but I put my favourite four into a quad which is great for when I’m travelling.

MAC Stars N Rockets Eye Shadow
This eyeshadow is honestly perfect. It’s such a beautiful fuchsia purple with an iridescent lavender sheen to it. It looks incredible on the eyes, and for me it’s a true stand out colour and a must have for any purple shadow lover.

MAC Sweet Lust Eye Shadow
Sweet Lust is a cool pale pink with silver shimmer in. It makes the perfect inner corner highlight on lighter skin, as well as looking incredible all over the lid.

MAC Haux Eye Shadow
This soft muted plummy mauve makes the perfect crease colour. It adds the perfect amount of warmth, and blends beautifully. The fact it’s matte is another reason it makes such a great crease colour. I can say that this is my must have eye shadow, and I reach for it all the time.

MAC Cranberry Eye Shadow
It’s Autumn, out comes Cranberry. This colour will be on my eyelids a lot over the next few months. Cranberry is a burgundy shimmery red that looks beautiful all over the lid. You need this shadow in your life ASAP.

Left to right: Brave Lipstick, Whirl Lip Liner, Magenta Lip Liner, Stars N Rockets, Sweet Lust, Haux and Cranberry Eye Shadows, Dainty Blush along the bottom

After numerous coffee breaks (and the odd Instagram browse), we’ve made it through this post. I hope you’ve found this helpful, and probably made you add more products to the wishlist!

Have you tried anything from MAC? If so, what’s your favourite product?



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