10 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

Well hello slightly awkward throwback pictures of me! Over the weekend I was looking back through old pictures, and it got me thinking “what would I tell my younger self if I could sit down and talk to her?”. Would I change the way I done certain things or just leave it be? Well, I thought today I’d share some of the advice I would love to give my younger self…

1. Please don’t get tattoos without really thinking about them. You will regret 3/5 of them. Laser tattoo removal costs a lot and looks very bloody painful! What exactly does the poorly done crying moon on your wrist symbolise? I’d really like to know too. Well now you’ve got them for life, or until you brave laser removal.

2. Carrying on from that, don’t stretch your ears. You may think it’s totally punk and cool, but now even after the holes have shrunk you can’t actually wear normal earrings, and the fact you can fit your little finger through the hole that’s left is horrible. It’s probably best to avoid any kind of permanent body mods, play it safe.

3. Those videos you uploaded to YouTube of you singing back in 2008, well it wasn’t going to get you a role in the next High School Musical, you’ll just soon realise that you really can’t sing. And of all the songs you chose Rihanna Take a Bow, why?!

4. You will come across some people that you really don’t need in your life. You’ll trust them and think the world of them, but they’ll soon turn and stab you in the back. But don’t worry, life gets a lot better without them in – trust me!

5. Save money and don’t buy things just because they’re cute. You’ll eventually end up putting it all in the bin, I mean did you really need a collection of key rings? And continuing on the money side of things, everything is more expensive than you think when you’re an adult, especially food shopping! Although you’d rather spend it on lipsticks, food is necessary.

6. Always take mums advice, she’s turned out to be right every time… especially when it comes to boys! She’s got a good eye for spotting the ones to avoid.

7. Worry less. Stop stressing over the little things that are out of your control, things will always work themselves out.

8. Don’t give up. Future Samm will regret giving up certain things, and regret letting anxiety win. Especially sixth form, you love art and spending all day hid in the toilets was a stupid idea. Future Samm will wish that you had just pushed through and finished the work, but hey I guess it was an experience.

9. In 2010 five guys will audition on the X Factor and then be put into a band called One Direction. You’ll fall madly in love with them, see them live at every tour and still to this day be madly in love with them – you still believe that one day you’ll marry Niall Horan. Oh and when you see them at the O2 arena in 2013, your tickets get upgraded to front row and you’re in the One Direction movie.

10. And finally… put the bleach down, stop bleaching your own hair, go to a hairdresser and get it done professionally. Eventually your hair snaps off and you have to spend years growing it back, clever one Samm!

What would you tell your younger self?



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