MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches

MAC Lipstick Collection

Lipsticks are my favourite beauty product, and one brand in particular seem to have a very special place in my heart, and that’s MAC! Something about the simplicity of the sleek black packaging, the scent, the formulas, the names, and the adorably packaged limited additions that seem to have a “Samm, you must buy this right now” effect on me. It’s an addiction, seriously.

I remember the day I brought my first MAC lipstick, I walked away with the MAC bag feeling like a million dollars (or should I say pounds- just doesn’t sound as cool!). Since then my collection has grown and grown, and currently stands at 24.

MAC Lipstick Collection

Back when I started my blog over 3 years ago, I didn’t own any and I remember creating endless amounts of wish lists with the shades I wanted, I’d always be watching and reading other bloggers MAC lipstick collections, the envy was real!

I’m happy with my current collection, and I feel that I’ve got a variety of colours covered- but I will certainly be adding more to my collection as time goes on! I’ve had other colours, but when I really don’t get on with them I sanitise them and find them a new home with either my mum or sister.

MAC offer a variety of different finishes, depending on what you’re looking for colour/formula wise. Satin, Matte and Amplified are my personal favourites.

MAC Lipstick Collection Siren Song, Strip Poker, Angel, Brave, Velvet Teddy, Twig
Left to right: Siren Song, Strip Poker, Angel, Brave, Velvet Teddy, Twig

Siren Song (Limited Edition) // Lustre

I admit, I brought this shade purely because of the limited edition packaging. It was the only shade I could get my hands on, and I wouldn’t exactly class it as the most wearable. It’s a very sheer pale champagne beige. I tend to wear this on top of a darker lipliner, or if I want to lighten the colour of another lipstick.

Strip Poker (Limited Edition) // Matte

Here we have another lipstick I brought purely because of the packaging, but luckily the colour is somewhat wearable. It’s from the Kelly Osbourne collection that came out last year. It’s a light beige nude, and although it looks incredibly concealer like, when paired with a darker lip liner or used to create an ombre lip can look great.

Angel // Frost

This is a yellow toned light-medium pink, and although I’m not over keen on the frost finish I surprisingly like this one.

Brave // Satin

My favourite lipstick EVER. If I had to sacrifice all my lipsticks and save one, it would be this one-  although a lot of tears would be shed! It’s a soft muted rosy pink, and just compliments my skin colour well. I keep this in my handbag most the time because it’s so easy to wear, and works well with various different makeup looks. I’ve also got my sister hooked, she’s got it and loves it as well.

Velvet Teddy // Matte

One of the most hyped about and constantly out of stock lipsticks to ever exist- yep the infamous Kylie Jenner lip colour. But I have a confession, I’m not really getting the hype with this one *hides head in shame*. It’s a matte beige brown, and some people look stunning in this, it’s just not very me, and it feels really drying to wear.

Twig // Satin

One of my favourite Autumn/Winter lipsticks. It’s a pigmented rose brown, and I love to pair this with Morning Coffee lip liner also from MAC.

MAC Lipstick Collection Oxblood, Lovelorn, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, Pink Nouveau, Pink Pearl Pop

MAC Lipstick Collection Oxblood, Lovelorn, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, Pink Nouveau, Pink Pearl Pop
Left to right: Oxblood, Lovelorn, Chatterbox, Speed Dial, Pink Nouveau, Pink Pearl Pop

Oxblood (Limited Edition) // Matte

I was so excited to get hold of this lipstick from the Toledo collection. I was stalking the website, and luckily I managed to get my hands on it! It’s a peachy brown, and the colours so beautiful I get worried about using it up because I can’t repurchase it when it runs out. But also that packaging… life.


Lovelorn // Lustre

This is a sheer, natural pink with subtle cool undertones. It’s a really easy colour to wear, and looks very natural on the lips. If you have fair skin, this would look incredible on you!


Chatterbox // Amplified 

I bloody love Chatterbox, its another one of my favourites. My sister got it for me for my birthday after I’d been wanting it forever. It’s a super opaque pretty pink, that leans slightly on the cooler side. Amplified finishes are my favourite so that’s a bonus!


Speed Dial // Cremesheen

This is a really easy to wear blue toned pink with subtle gold shimmer. It has an almost opaque colour, which is surprising considering it’s a Cremesheen.

Pink Nouveau // Satin

If you like pink lipsticks, this is one for you! It’s such a pretty Barbie pink that looks beautiful on. It’s opaque and creamy with a subtle shine, I love it!


Pink Pearl Pop // Cremesheen

I think the name of this is adorable. The colour is a very glossy and reflective mid tonal pink, which feels comfortable to wear. Being a Cremesheen it doesn’t last very long on the lips, which is the only downside.

MAC Lipstick Collection Coral Bliss, Sunny Seoul, Viva Glam Nicki, Impassioned, RiRi Woo, No Faux Pas

MAC Lipstick Collection Coral Bliss, Sunny Seoul, Viva Glam Nicki, Impassioned, RiRi Woo, No Faux Pas
Left to right: Coral Bliss, Sunny Seoul, Viva Glam Nicki, Impassioned, RiRi Woo, No Faux Pas

Coral Bliss // Cremesheen

This is one of my must haves, its a beautiful light coral that I’ve found myself reaching for a lot now the summers here. I got mine in the holiday collection lasts year, hence why its packaged differently, but it is a permanent shade.


Sunny Seoul // Cremesheen 

This colours a beautiful bright yet soft peachy pink with a glossy finish. It’s very glossy, so doesn’t last that long before it needs reapplying.

Viva Glam Nicki (Limited Edition) // Satin

My first ever MAC lipstick, the one that began this addiction. I love Nicki Minaj, so I obvs had to buy this! It’s a vibrant coral pink colour, and I absolutely love it – it’s perfect for the summer time.


Impassioned // Amplified 

I brought this in duty free when I went on holiday last April. I loved to wear this when I had a tan, but it also works well when I’m a ghost. It’s a shade that suits a variety of skin tones. This shade always reminds me of my holidays, and I describe this colour as a watermelon pink, great description there Samm!


Riri Woo (Limited Edition) // Retro Matte

This was from back when MAC collaborated with Rihanna, and although I usually don’t go for reds, I do really like this one. It’s a deep cool red, thats meant to have took inspiration from Ruby Woo, a shade that I don’t own. The formula is drier and stiffer than the regular matte lipstick, but once its on, its on and lasts really well.


No Faux Pas (Limited Edition) // Matte 

This came out with the Heirloom Mix collection for the holidays last year. It’s a blue toned hot pink, and I absolutely adore it. I always seem to fall in love with limited edition shades!

MAC Lipstick Collection Candy Yum-Yum, Pink Poodle, Snapdragon, Dodgy Girl, Rebel, Pure Heroine

MAC Lipstick Collection Candy Yum-Yum, Pink Poodle, Snapdragon, Dodgy Girl, Rebel, Pure Heroine
Left to right: Candy Yum-Yum, Pink Poodle, Snapdragon, Dodgy Girl, Rebel, Pure Heroine

Candy Yum-Yum // Matte

Another one of my favourites. This was either the second or third MAC lipstick I brought, and although it’s incredibly bright I can’t help but love it. If you’re not one for bright lipsticks, this isn’t the one for you!


Pink Poodle (Limited Edition) // Glaze

I remember sitting in the hotel reception in Tunisia last year desperately trying to get the wifi to work so I could get something from the MAC By Request collection. When I arrived home after my holiday to see this colour, I was disappointed! Maybe I clicked on the wrong colour? I can’t even remember. This is a cool toned fuchsia pink with a lot of blue shimmer in, which really isn’t showing in the swatch (Google image it, you’ll see). I really don’t get on with this shade and it’s probably my least favourite in my collection.


Snapdragon (Limited Edition) // Lustre

This is such a pretty shade. It’s a blue toned pink which to me appears very slightly lavender. It’s creamy and comfortable to wear, and I remember I practically lived in this colour last summer.


Dodgy Girl (Limited Edition) // Matte

This was another lipstick from the Kelly Osbourne collection that I picked up. I was so desperate to get my hands on it, luckily I did when I got to the MAC counter early on the day it was released. It’s an intense lavender pink, which basically screams Kelly Osbourne. Although it’s not the most wearable colour, I love it.


Rebel // Satin

This is also another popular shade from MAC. Rebel is a medium-dark berry with pink undertones and a soft shine. I love this for Autumn/Winter time!


Pure Heroine (Limited Edition) // Amplified 

I’m looking at this colour like “why the hell did I buy this?”, but once again it was limited edition so Samm had to own it. It was from when they released a collab with Lorde, who I’m not even keen on. Yeah I’m really not sure why I brought this, it’s really not a me colour.

Finally, we’ve got through all that! I feel like I was typing and staring at lipsticks for a ridiculously long time- but I don’t mind as lipsticks are just too pretty! Hope you enjoyed having a look into my collection.