I’m the worst blogger ever (well, maybe a little extreme)

It’s just gone 12am on a Sunday morning and I’m doing what every cool almost 19 year old is doing- raving to One Direction and blogging. I made my new year resolution to blog more, and start scheduling posts so I have regular posts going up. Well I failed, I spend most of January in and out of hospital so blogging sort of sank to the bottom of my list of priorities. It all started when my vision started getting worse everyday, just into the new year. I had blurred vision, flashing lights, floaters, and all sorts of crazy things going on with my eyes so I went in to Specsavers to check everything was alright. As I suffer from seizures and fainting episodes with no warning signs, I literally just fall to the floor at anytime- hitting everything on the way down. I’ve bashed my head numerous times, but when my vision got to the stage of not being able to actually see peoples faces I knew I needed to get it checked out.

The optician sent me to the GP, and she send me straight to the emergency ophthalmologist, which wasn’t in my local hospital. They did tests and saw that I had swollen optic discs, so they admitted me to a ward. I stayed in for about 5 days and had to have brain scans and a lumbar puncture as they said I had too much spinal fluid and pressure on my brain which needed draining.

I then got discharged as my vision began to improve. A week passes by (a very painful and long week- having a needle in your spine hurts for a while afterwards, and gives you the headache from hell) and my vision began to deteriorate again, so I went back to the GP and again they sent me straight to the hospital. I got admitted to a neurology ward and had more tests and scans then another lumbar puncture, but this time the man takes 4 attempts at jabbing me in the spine until he gets it in the right place. I didn’t have increased pressure that time. I had to stay in for just over a week having scans to rule out things like tumours, luckily that was all clear. The lumbar puncture made me really ill, and I couldn’t sit up at all without getting the worst headache for about 4 days. I also began feeling really ill, like flu ill so they kept me in to monitor me. When I felt better they discharged me and arranged outpatient appointments. So far I’ve been sent around different departments, the neurologists say its an eye problem, the eye doctors say it’s a brain problem, so it’s been a bit of a nightmare. Now I’m waiting to see neuro ophthalmology, who specialise in both. I still have swelling behind my eyes, and they need to find the cause.

So since I got out I’ve been focusing on getting better, my vision is still pretty awful, but certainly better as I’m finally able to read my computer screen. I’ve been out a couple of times, obviously shopped now I’m better (haul time!) but I’ve also been so determined to get back into running my blog, I’ve even had it redesigned so it looks more professional. I know what posts I want to get up, so I’m working on them. I turn 19 on Tuesday (the 10th of Feb) which I’m super excited for, my final year of being a “teen”!

Sorry for the lengthy post -and random collage of photos I’ve taken- but I didn’t have any photos for a beauty related post, but I was actually excited to sit and write I just thought I’d post an update. Thank you to everyone for their kind get well soon messages on social media as well. <3