London Haul // Bobbi Brown, MAC, Urban Decay

I’ve been slacking on blog posts, I know. I’ve just been crazy busy the past few weeks and then on Wednesday I had to go and stay in London for testing at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. All though I spent most my time being stabbed with needles or wired up to all sorts of machines, me and mum did manage to spend a bit of time in Covent Garden and Oxford Street. So obviously I had to buy some make up!

We went to Oxford Street on Wednesday after arriving in London and dropping all our suitcases at the hotel. We where super tired but determined to fit it into our stay. I surprised myself and only picked up one thing, shock! I fell in love with the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette when I first started seeing it pop up in the blogging world. I got it in Debenhams as they had 10% off which is an added bonus. This palette gives me life, literally I’m in love with this palette.

On Thursday we got the tube over to Covent Garden where I got to use my MAC Pro Card, so I picked up some bits that I’ve been wanting for a while. I got two lipsticks in Pink Nouveau and Lovelorn, the 163 Flat Contour Brush , 48 lashes and the Studio Finish Concealer (NW20).

I then went to the Bobbi Brown store, and I actually haven’t tried anything from Bobbi Brown before as they’ve only just opened a counter near me recently. I went in and I was looking at the brushes and I literally fell in love with the Full Coverage Face Brush, it is one of the softest brushes I’ve ever felt. I was a bit worried about paying £30 for it as I haven’t really heard much about it, but with mums persuasion I ended up buying it.

I saw the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box o’ Blushes  when I was at Oxford Street but I kind of just thought to myself I do own a fair amount of blushes, and ended up walking away. But when I saw this in the Benefit store in Covent Garden I caved in. I only own one Benefit blush, which isn’t in this palette but is Hervana and it’s my favourite blush I own. I love all the colours in this palette, and for £29.50 it’s a great way to give them a try. I can’t wait to use Hoola as I’ve wanted to try it since my early days of blogging.. I’m not really sure why I haven’t picked it up before.

We didn’t get to go to many shops in Covent Garden as I had a blood pressure monitor fitted that morning which I had to wear for 24 hours. It went of automatically every 20 minutes (mine had a mind of it’s own and sometimes went of every couple of minutes) so after a while it started to hurt my arm and it was kind of embarrassing wearing a beeping and vibrating machine! And every time it went off they gave me this little diary that I had to write what I was doing, how I felt etc. So we headed back to the hotel and called it a day. That stupid machine has left me with bruises and scratches all around my arm. I got to go home yesterday, I’m glad to be home and to see all my family and get back into a blogging routine again. Hope you enjoyed this haul!