Makeup Revolution Welcome to the Pleasuredome Palette

Makeup Revolution have been a brand I’ve been seeing around the blogging community lately and I really wanted to give some of the products a try. Luckily I was kindly sent a package from the company containing a variety of products to give a try. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Welcome to the Pleasuredome Palette*.

This palette contains 12 shimmer shades (the rectangle shaped shadows) and 6 matte (the circle shadows) ranging from neutral to bright. I love to wear bright shadows, but if I’m just going for an everyday look I’ll stick to the neutrals, so this is a brilliant palette for me to switch up my looks. The thing I like is that the brighter colours aren’t too bright or neon, and totally wearable. This palette also only costs £6 which is great when you consider you’re receiving 18 shadows.

The quality of the shadows is good, better than I expected. I haven’t had any fall out on my face, which I’ve found with many lower end shadows. I love palettes, and can see myself reaching for this often.

Onto swatches..

These are the 6 top row rectangle shimmer shadows, the lighter colours haven’t shown up very well on my camera..sorry! (left- right)

Welcome to Pleasure Dome- Light shimmery gold, perfect for the inner corner!

Xanadu- A shimmery beige.

Moving On- A darker shimmery beige.

Using My Power- A super blendable navy blue.

You Really Can’t Afford Me- A shimmery dark green.

Even When They Reach The Top- An aubergine purple which when applied and blended looks more of a grey with purple sheen. I have noticed it’s flaked in the pan after I’ve swatched it.

 These are the 6 bottom row rectangle shimmery shades..

Where Lovers Roam- Shimmery cool medium brown, reminds me of MAC’s Satin Taupe.

Jungle Call- A purple toned shimmery brown.

Moving At Million Miles An Hour- A red toned dark brown, slightly coppery looking.

Sell It Buy The Hour- I’d describe this as a sea foam green, in my eyes it’s constantly changing from a blue to a green, it’s nicely pigmented as well.

Shooting Stars Never Stop- A slightly browner gold.

There Goes A Supernova- A shimmery forest green, slightly lighter than the green on the top row.

These are the 6 matte circular shades on the bottom of the palette..

What A Push Over- A super creamy yellow toned matte which is basically invisible on my arm (it does show on my eye!)

Long Way From Home- A cool toned brown which is super pigmented when applied with a brush (the swatch doesn’t make it look half as pigmented as it is!) and I love to use this in my crease.

Diamond By The Shower- A cool taupe grey.

Love Your Body- This is a violet taupe which isn’t as pigmented as the other mattes, but still workable with.

I Can Do It- Dark grey, really matte but still easy to blend.

Never Doing What I Am Told- A super pigmented matte black.

Overall I’m really happy with this palette, and have loved having a play around with the colours over the past couple of days. My favourites have to be What A Push Over, Moving On & Moving At Million Miles An Hour. Thank you to Makeup Revolution for sending me these goodies, more reviews will be up over the next few days.