Tiny Tea Teatox – Week One

Reviewing tea? In the two and a half years I’ve been writing this blog I can say I’ve yet to review tea. But this isn’t your normal tea and biscuits. I’ve been trying the Your Tea Tiny Tea 14 day Teatox the past week, and I wanted to share my opinions on my first week so far. I will update again next week when I’ve finished the teatox..

(p.s. there are less tea bags in the box now as I took these photos only a few days after starting as I didn’t want to picture a half empty box, ramble over) 

 Lets start on the box, oh my- I love it! Pink is my favourite colour and it just looks super cute in the kitchen, unlike a lot of other tea brands. I know its only a box, but packaging is a good selling point in my eyes. I ordered mine from the Your Tea website on a Sunday evening and they arrived last Wednesday, which was faster than I expected. 

 I got the 14 day teatox to try, they also do a 28 day and a gluten free option. But before committing to the 28 day one I thought I’d stick to the 14. They say to take 3 a day, half an hour before or after eating. I tend to drink mine half an hour before food so it fills me up a bit, making me eat less for dinner.

So what is Tiny Tea Teatox? It’s basically a tea containing a balanced herbal blend to nourish and cleanse your digestive system, providing help to restore it back to its natural state. This cleanse will assist with reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances.

I ordered it mainly for the help with reducing weight, as I’m on a strict diet I’m willing to take any help to lose this excess weight! I also liked the idea of helping with bloating and improving my skin. I started taking this tea a few days into my diet so I’ve also been exercising and easting as healthy as I can so that’s also helped.

Does it do what it claims to do? Yes! I’m loving the results I’m having so far thanks to this tea. I’m only a week in but I’m already seeing the results. My bloating has gone down, which has always been an issue for me. I’ve noticed it especially around my waist and I can see a difference. My skin has also improved a lot. Before I started with this tea I was having awful breakouts, not just small spots I mean super painful under the skin ones that you can’t seem to budge. My skin isn’t completely clear but it’s sooo much better, to the point that I don’t feel the need to wear high coverage foundation on a daily basis. I have taken photos of my skin before, which I’ll upload with a picture of my skin after on my final review after finishing next week.

As for weight loss, I haven’t actually been on the scales as we don’t own them in my house. I go by how I feel and I measure myself instead. I have gone down around my stomach, waist, arms and legs but I’ve also been dieting and exercising like crazy. And it’s my first week which is when you lose it the fastest. 

The taste is unique, it’s hard to explain. It smells like wood, but doesn’t taste like it luckily. I’m a real tea fan, a good cuppa with milk and one sugar used to be what I stuck to. I probably used to drink about 2/3 cups of normal tea a day. I can actually say I haven’t had a regular cup of tea all week. The only tea I’ve drank is this, which really surprised me. Also I never used to drink black tea but now I actually prefer it to milky tea! I don’t have sugar in this either. I do struggle to finish the whole cup as I find it really filling, so I sort of force myself to have the last bit persuading myself with the thought of eventually looking good in a bikini!

So that’s what’s happened in week one, I’m really happy with the results so far. I’ll post my final views next week, as well as pictures of my skin before and after. Have you tried anything from Your Tea?