SKIN79 Pink Label Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Review

SKIN79 Pink Label Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream – £5.89

I was on the look out for a new BB cream as now the weathers finally warming up in the UK, I wanted to try something lighter than my normal high coverage foundations. So after doing lots of research and reading about a million different reviews- ok that’s a bit extreme but you get my drift- I settled for the Skin79 Pink Label BB Cream.

This BB cream claims to be whitening, brightening, wrinkle free, contain SPF 25, moisturise and apply smoothly. I do agree that is is very brightening and moisturising so it applies like a dream. It feels lightweight and gives enough coverage without being too heavy on the skin. I have large pores and this helped to hide them. I would say the coverage is light to medium, and can be built for more coverage. I am a MAC NW20 and I find this matches my skin ok, its a tiny bit too light but nothing a bit of bronzer don’t hide.

It lasted about 8 hours on skin with a primer (Maybelline Baby Skin) without a setting powder as I wanted to text its lasting power without powder. After about 8 hours I started looking oily on my T zone and needed powder. I also tried it with powder on top and it lasted all day, and still looked fresh after about 12 hours.

The pink packaging is also another good point for me, the holographic writing also looks really cool. You pump the top to release the product and I found a pump was enough for one layer on my face. I normally used two layers for extra coverage.

I really like this BB cream and I really wish I could get past this but I just can’t.. this is the smell. It is so heavily scented, like literally I have never owned such a strong smelling product. It sort of reminds me of a musky perfume. I took the photo for the swatch about two hours ago and I can still smell it on my arm, even after wiping it off! The smell would also stay on my brushes, and it actually stayed on one of my brushes after continuous washing to remove it. I can’t use the brush any more as I know it may sound extreme but I literally hate the scent so much.

I have tried and tried to get past the scent as I really like this BB cream but I just can’t. It’s so annoying, so I’m still on the lookout for a new BB cream.