My Lime Crime Lipstick Collection

Lime Crime is without my favourite lipstick brand, they are
so pigmented, creamy and lasting. They glide onto the lips like a dream and who
can resist that packaging, holographic unicorns.. do I need to say more?

I had wanted a Lime Crime lipstick for well over a year, but
I wasn’t aware they were available to purchase in the UK until a few months ago. They can be found
at Cocktail Cosmetics, Cute Cosmetics, Love-Cosmetics and places such as Amazon and eBay.

I’m really fussy with buying make up, I hate not being able to swatch and see the true colour, but I took the plunge and ordered some. I am so glad I did, as since then my tiny collection has started to grow. I already have the next few planned which I hope to buy when I have the money, but eventually I’d like to have them all.

Great Pink Planet- Lime Crime describe this as “Pastel pink with a neon note — think Malibu Barbie!” which I totally agree. It does remind me of a Barbie colour lipstick, and when I’m wearing it I do feel it drains my skin slightly but still is wearable, I normally wear it with a bit of Countessa Fluorescent on top. It doesn’t last as long as the brighter colours, but I still get a good few hours wear. 

Countessa Fluorescent- Lime Crime describe this as a “Cool-based neon pink” which sums up my ideal lipstick. Although I hardly wear bright lipsticks, this one is totally wearable and is becoming one of my favourite lipsticks. 

Centrifuschia- Lime Crime describe this as a “Bright Fuchsia” which pretty much sums this colour up. I find it lasts really well as it stains the lips, out of all 4 I have this colour is the easiest to wear. I feel as though there would be similar colours out there but not as unique as this one. 

Airborne Unicorn- Lime Crime describe this as a “Medium purple with a neon note. Hue as mysterious as the animal itself…”. This was a colour I just took the plunge and ordered as it really stood out to me. I admit I can’t see myself walking around town wearing this colour it’s certainly a colour I’m glad to have in my collection.

All the lipsticks are incredibly creamy and feel comfortable to wear on the lips, I can’t wait to collect some more and I’m really lusting after Styletto, Geradium and Babette, they may be next on the list!



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