London IMATS 2013

 Ok I can’t contain my excitement any more, I need to share with you all.. I’m going to the London IMATS 2013! I don’t know why I haven’t posted this sooner as I booked the tickets a couple of months ago, I have been counting down the days, this is how big it is to me. I just never got round to posting it on my blog.

The reason I have never been to an IMATS before is because of my stupid anxiety, I find it hard to leave the house and I get so scared around people. I’m not going to let my anxiety control me and keep me indoors all the time. So this year I will go to the IMATS and enjoy myself! I can’t wait to meet all the other bloggers- and make some sneaky purchases whilst I’m there.

Are you going to the IMATS, or do you know any bloggers that are? If you’ve been before what was your experience like?