London IMATS 2013

Hello! after a very long day on my feet I am sadly home from the IMATS. If I had the time (or money) I could have easily gone back tomorrow. It was my first ever time at the IMATS and I loved every second, seriously if you’re thinking of going tomorrow or to any IMATS in the future do it, I loved everything and I can’t wait till next year, I’m going to book a hotel for the night so I don’t have to worry about the hassle of transport. Here’s some photos I took…

I arrived at around 8:45am and it was already busy, I had a look around all the stalls and then went to buy. This was a mistake, I took around an hour looking around and in that time everything I wanted from MAC had sold out. I was so annoyed that I didn’t get it when it wasn’t as crowded. Luckily I found a similar product to a MAC paint pot I wanted, but the lip palette and lipsticks I had set my sights on sold out.

The special effects make up was so good, apart from a couple of them creeped me out especially the really tall guy on stils, he would jump at you and follow you which was creepy and at one stage he hissed at me! Me and mum literally ran away from him I can’t even imagine how silly we must have looked! haha.

I will have a haul post up in the next couple of hours!
Did you/do you want to go to the IMATS?