Skeleton Hair Clips

A few weeks ago, after seeing them on loads of fashion blogs, I decided to order myself some of these amazing skull hand hair clips. I searched all over the web and I found that looked like the nicest place to get them, they do some really nice bits on the website. I then had to make the hardest decision ever, what colour do I get? As you can see I went for pink and I absolutely love them!

A lot of other websites charged a lot more for just one of these clips, so £5 for two was such a bargain. They arrived super fast and the company kept me up to date with them via emails. They where packaged really nice and well protected.

I have to admit I have worn them everyday since I got them, that is how much I love them. I have super short hair (Frankie from The Saturdays style) and I was worried about not being able to pull them off, but I can and they look fab. I also wear them on my jacket pockets if they’re not in my hair. They have crocodile clips so they stay on all day.

I really want the blue and purple ones, I might have to make another purchase soon.

You can see all the skull hand hair clips here.