BehaveBox Review

A few weeks ago I saw that the lovely Allie from was looking for bloggers for her new idea she had for her website. When I saw this I put my details down, and truthfully didn’t expect to hear anything back. But a few days later I got an email telling me about the idea, which was a monthly box full of a selection of 4-6 on trend items of jewellery. Then earlier this week, I received my box of goodies through the post, I was so excited to open it!

How cute is it?! You can tell a lot of time and thought has gone into this. The jewellery is all wrapped up in bright pink tissue paper and a little sticker holding it closed. I told Allie in an email what my preferences where and they where really taken note of, I said I didn’t wear bracelets, and how I loved the whole “gothic style” jewellery. Here’s what I got..

Black Grid Cross Earrings: These are probably my favourite thing I received in the box, how amazing are they! I can’t wait to wear them, they feel more expensive than what they really are. They’re also not to big, like I find a lot of earrings are too big and heavy for my ears, but these really aren’t. 10/10 from me! You can see me wearing them in the second photo below.

Uno Spike Ring: I must admit I was slightly worried when I saw this ring, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull off such a bold ring, but I can (luckily!) It’s so lovely, I’m going to wear it to the One Direction concert in a couple of weeks, that’s how much I love it! It’s the third photo below.

Skulls Ear Cuff: I also said in the preferences that I loved the selection of ear cuffs sold on the website, and this amazing piece was included in my box. All I can say is wow, this really amazed me. I fell in love with it instantly. It’s so light and easy to wear on the ear, you don’t even realise it’s there. And the skulls are so fab, I love skulls. You can see it on in the first photo below.

Constant Skull Ring: This ring is to die for, I like to wear it on my thumb as I find that’s where it looks best on me. My sister is super jealous of this, I’ve found her trying this on a few times… I’m watching you Beckie! It fits really nice, I can see this becoming a firm favourite of mine. You can see it on in the last photo.

Cross necklace: I couldn’t t link this as I couldn’t find it on the site, so perhaps it’s an upcoming piece? Either that or I’ve been staring at a computer for too long, haha. I am really fussy with necklaces, I don’t wear short necklaces often, so luckily this is nice and long, sort of boob length, that sounds weird to say, I can be so immature sometimes. It’s really nice to wear and adds a little bit of ‘pow’ to an outfit. As shown in the fourth picture, a long with my ‘brat’ t-shirt I ordered from the site a few weeks ago.

I also got a little lolly, I think that was a really cute added extra!

Overall I am really happy with what I got, I love every piece and will find myself wearing them a lot for a long time, I think this idea is so great, it’s a lovely little surprise every month and you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get but you are able to state things like things you wear/don’t wear and if you have your ears pierced and all little things like that. I will certainly continue to subscribe to this box, I can’t wait for the next one!

More info about the BehaveBox here.