25 Facts About Me :)

So I’ve seen this post floating around for ages now, I’ve seen people do as many as 100 facts but I don’t think I have that many facts, haha!

1. My name is Samantha but most people call me Samm, it has to be with 2 m’s (I’m fussy) but my boyfriends family call me SCR which are my initials.

2. I have a boyfriend called Harry and I’ve been with him for just over 2 years and we’re really happy together, everyday I love him and appreciate him more and more.

3. I’m obsessed with One Direction, I’ve seen them on tour last year. My obsession is so bad I cry when they perform on tv, real tears! I’m so sad.

4. David Hasslehoff follows me on Twitter, I don’t know how, I never tweeted him he just randomly followed me.

5. I love horror films, I go see them with my boyfriend whenever there’s one in the cinema. If we’re not at the cinema we’re watching them on DVD. 

6. I had a group of best friends up until the beginning of the year where they decided to ditch me and be nasty which made me really upset for weeks then I realized they obviously wasn’t true friends. 

7. I have an addiction to the brand Drop Dead, if you don’t own/want anything from them I suggest you check them out!

8.I am the oldest sibling.

9.I have a brother who’s 8 called Will.

10. I have a sister called Beckie who’s 13.

11. I watch Corrie and Eastenders religiously

12. I’m not aloud to drive as I suffer seizures. It sucks because I really want the freedom and not have to worry about public transport.

13.I have a screw in my hip holding it together from a horse riding accident I had in 2007.

14. My blog is my way of escaping the real world, I feel so calm and happy when I’m blogging.

15. I got a really sweet email from a reader yesterday which actually brought a tear to my eye it was so sweet, it was the first time I’ve ever been emailed from a reader complimenting me :’)

16. I’m starting college in September doing a nail services course, I want to be a nail artist when I’m older. 

17. I love buying make up and beauty products, I would love to do more reviews but I get worried that someone will disagree with my opinions or if the person doesn’t like the product they will blame me, haha.

18. I’m a mega chocoholic, I love it, I want chocolate now! resist temptation Samm! think of the calories!!

19. I really want a boy pug and I would call him Charlie and a girl pug to be called Cookie, pugs are so cute they’re my favorite breed of dog.

20. I plan on joining the gym in the next couple of weeks but I have to be real careful with my seizures.

21. I have been to Disney Land about 8 times, I love it.

22. Harry (my boyfriend) has nearly finished his driving lessons so should have a license soon and we’ve planned so many day trips and adventures together.

23.I’m currently at sixth form studying AS level art and I hate it! luckily I only have a couple of months left.

24. Airplanes are my secret obsession, I even buy magazines about them :s

25. This tag was really hard and it took me and hour to write!

Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading 🙂