Updated make up collection & storage

Hello everyone, hope all my UK readers are loving the snow, I am! As long as I have no where to travel to it’s fun but when I have sixth form it can be a nightmare. 

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been busy replacing everything in my room like painting the walls, new carpet and all new furniture so expect an updated room tour soon as well. It’s been an expensive time for my poor mums purse haha, but I’m really happy with the outcome.

Today I wanted to do an updated make up storage as I’ve got rid of those horrible plastic storage drawers that where taking up so much room. You can see my old storage here. I wanted to get Muji storage but all the ones I wanted where out of stock so I decided to look into other acrylic drawers. I found some lovely ones in Ryman’s, Homebase and Amazon which I have brought and it’s made my collection look nicer.

Warning: this post will contain lots of images haha

You might think it’s strange to store my products in my wardrobe but my desk is next to my wardrobe so I can reach all the drawers easily and I didn’t really know where else to store it.

This is the largest of the acrylic drawers I got, it’s from Homebase. It cost £20.99. I have only filled two of the drawers which means I need to buy more to fill the spare draw, haha. In the bottom draw I store blushers and bronzers and in the second draw I store foundations, concealers, primers and powders.

 These smaller second drawers are from Rymans and they cost £11.99. You can’t fit much into them so I just use them for single eye shadows and mascaras.

I store my palettes on a paper organiser that I got in WH Smith for about £2, this works really well to store my palettes and keep them organised.

I keep my lipsticks, lip pencils, lip scrub and lip balms in the nail varnish stand from Amazon. I was worried it wasn’t going to be enough for all my lipsticks but I fit them in easily as you can double them up on one row, I’m so glad I got this and for only £14.99 I’m really happy. 

This pink set is where I keep random products like face paints, fake blood and smaller palettes that don’t fit in the palette storage.

These finals drawers are where I keep samples, mini products, applicators, tweezers and empty products for Back to MAC.

So that’s my collection and how I store all my products. Hope you like it!

Please leave a comment if there is any products you would like reviews on 🙂