Christmas 2012

Hello everyone hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, I have with my family. I got all the presents I asked for and more! I’m so happy and grateful that I was able to get all the stuff I did. I wanted to share some photos from Christmas with you all ..

Christmas presents around the tree

My One Direction bear that sings 
Turtle Beach headset for my xbox
Some light pink Doctor Martens 
Some real Ugg boots, yeey

Screamed when I opened this, I love it
A penguin from my sister
Me ready to go to my nans

Prawn & salmon starter, this was amazing
The ‘feast’ there was so much left over, we where stuffed
Think Pink Lush bath bomb

Blackberry bath bomb from Lush

       Creamy candy bubble bar

    Those where just some of my presents I also got lots of bath and body sets from Boots from family, gift vouchers, money and some other little things which if I included would have made this post too long.

What did you all get? Hope your having a lovely boxing day 🙂