Chit Chat Highlighter Review

Hello everyone, a review for you today. I mentioned the Chit Chat Highlighter in my November favourites a few days ago and today I’m going to go into more detail with a review for you all. Here’s some photos..


 (Left image without flash, Right image with flash on)

(Left without flash, Right with flash on) 

I like Benefit a lot, in fact it’s probably my favourite make up brand. One of my favourite products they do is High Beam. I use it everyday on my brow bone and it leaves my face looking defined and glowing, it really finishes the look. But with a £18.50 price tag it’s something I can only really treat myself to. 

So I set myself a mission to find a cheaper alternative.

I spent a few hours looking online and I read a lot of people mentioning the Chit Chat Highlighter so the next morning I went out and brought it. The only place I’ve heard of it being sold is Poundland which is a cheap pound shop in the UK, and the price of.. £1 so I thought there’s no harm if I don’t like it it’s not a huge hole in my purse.

My opinion:

I really like this highlighter, it’s a very pale pink colour which really highlights my brow bone, I love it. The price is another big draw to this as well, for only £1 you can’t go wrong. It’s hard to picture it when it’s blended so I tried my hardest with the last 2 pictures as you can see. It’s really nice and catches the glitter under light making me glow in a good way. I can only find 2 downsides to this product. One being the brush, its really poorly made and is hard to work with so I normally put it on my hand then use another brush to put it on. The second downside is the lasting time, I have to reapply it every 4/6 hours which can be annoying especially if I’m going out for a meal I will have to bring it. 

 If I had the money for High Beam I would prefer that but until I have the money spare I will continue to buy this one.

I would recommend trying the Chit Chat Highlighter if you go past a Poundland as it is a nice product but if you have the cash to splash then go for High Beam. 

Thank for reading,