My new baby, iPad Mini

Hello everyone, another post tonight I’m really hooked on writing posts this evening. Those of you who follow me on Twitter would have seen that my iPad mini arrived on Wednesday. I did have an iPad 2 but I sold that to my mum to buy this. The main reason I wanted the mini was because my 2 was too heavy and annoying so when I heard they was bringing a smaller one out I thought how perfect will it be. Also for travelling, I often go to London for hospital appointments and my iPhone battery was no good to play games and listen to music on as it would nearly be dead by the time I would get there, and my iPad 2 was heavy to bring around London. Anyway this is a purchase I am very happy with, here’s some photo’s of it, I apologise for the poor photo quality I hate the dull lighting this time of year! 

As you can see it fits perfectly into one hand and it’s so light. It’s just so much more convenient for me. I’ve just got the basic black Wi-Fi 16GB version. Just  random post completely unrelated to beauty but I love it so much I had to show you all 🙂