10 Questions

Hello everyone, hope your all ok. Can I start off with an apology for my absence, I’ve had a bad week with my depression and anxiety which I won’t go into and I’ve been trying to go to sixth form again which is going good but I’ve missed a lot so I have loads too catch up on at home. So sorry! I also check my blog and others on my iPad but I’ve sold it and brought the iPad mini which is due to arrive December 4th woop. But luckily my followers are still going up and as soon as I get to 100 I will do a giveaway for you all 🙂 so as it’s Sunday I thought I’d do 10 questions… 

1. What have you done today? 

Spent the morning at Harry’s, went and met my family for lunch. Then this evening I made clay sculptures of animals for art and now I’m just chilling on my laptop watching I’m A Celeb.

2. Favourite song of the week?
One Direction- Heart Attack
From their new album ‘Take Me Home’, go download!

3. Favourite purchase this week? 

iPad mini, I cant wait to get it on December 4th but I hate the wait and having no iPad as I’ve sold my iPad 2.

4. What plans do you have for the week ahead?

Sixth form Monday & Tuesday, lazy Wednesday to catch up on more work, Thursday meeting up with my friends, Friday lazy day, and the weekend with Harry.

5. What has been your highlight of the week? 

Spending yesterday with Harry, we hardly never get time alone so it was lovely to just chill.

6.What was the last thing you brought? 

A drink from Cafe Nero haha, had to be honest.

7. Most inspiring photo of the week?

 This is Molly, she is not my cat. She belongs to a family who live at the bottom of our street but Molly has decided to adopt our family and spends all day and night in our house, we even feed her haha. But don’t worry her owners are aware and don’t mind that she stays here. This photo is inspiring because Molly is now 17 and unfortunately hasn’t been well this week and it really wasn’t looking good Friday night, her owners told us this could be her time to go. I stayed at Harry’s Saturday and was waiting for a phone call from mum saying the worse. But luckily instead I got a FaceTime saying she was getting better. Just to let you all know she’s still ill but getting better day by day 🙂

8.Most wanted item?

A pair of black Doc Martens, they go with anything.

9.What nail varnish are you wearing right now? 

O.P.I Hi Pumpkin! and A-Rose From The Dead from the So So Skullicious which I did a post on here.

10. Favourite make up item this week? 

Highlighter, I love using highlighters on my brow bone.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment with what you thought about the post and any different questions for the next ’10 Questions’