Monday, 6 August 2012

Nail Varnish Collection

This is a scheduled post as I'm in Lanzarote..

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. This is a post I've been wanting to do in a while, my nail varnish collection. I am a huge nailvarnishaholic haha, I change my nail colour every other day and my collection just keeps on expanding. I don't really post pictures of my nails but it's defiantly a post I want to start doing more often. Here's a few images of nails designs I've done before..

The first picture with all the gems on took soo long! I stuck every gem on separately with tweezers and super glue. Anyway, onto my collection..

My complete nail varnish collection. I store it in a big plastic draw in the same storage system I keep my make up in. The nail varnish's are kept in a box I painted from hobbycraft and the nail art pens just float around in the rest of the box. I keep my Paul's Boutique nail varnish's in the box they came in.

Barry M blues: (from left to right)
294-Cyan Blue
317- Blue Moon
306- Blueberry Ice Cream

Barry M pinks, peach and corals: (l to r)
272- Shocking Pink
305- Pink Flamingo
309- Strawberry Ice Cream
318- Peach Melba
296- Coral

Barry M other colours: (l to r)
x2 308- Berry Ice Cream
304- Mint Green
134- Yellow

Nail effects: (l to r)
323- Croc Effects
311- Nail Effects
314- Nail Effects
Limited Edition Silver Glitter

Models Own: (l to r)
Indian Ocean
Ibiza Mix

No7 Stay Perfect: (l to r)
Pink glitter ones names worn off :c
Spun Sugar

Base/tops and neutrals:(l to r)
Natural Collection peach and white
Rimmel Nail Whitener 
Maybelline Express Manicure Protecting Base Coat
Claire's Accessories clear glitter colour
Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat 

Bobbypin nail set, a christmas gift and colours have no name

Miss Sporty:(l to r)
Orange Crush
Pop Fiction 
Transformers Sparkle

Randoms: (l to r)
Neon Pink 'Janet' from the market
17 Smoke Signal
Revlon Top Speed 120- Cupid
Barry M- Retro Coral

So that's all my nail varnish's I have at the moment, and adding the cost together of all them makes £127.24 woow that's a lot but it's defiantly worth it, I feel naked without my nails painted and when they start to chip they're off straight away. I haven't got any Essie or OPI nail polish yet as I'm still persuading myself to spend that price on one bottle of nail polish and tbh my favourite brand for nail polish is Barry M as you just cant fault them, such a lovely choice of colours and they go on lovely. Sorry for making this such a long post.
Speak to you all in my next post..



  1. the gem nails look lovely! did you just use ordinary superglue and were they akward to get off?!

    1. Yeah I used normal superglue, and yeah it was annoying as they seemed to fall off one at a time and I had to pick them off which was annoying but they where so worth it as they looked really nice :) xx

  2. Nice collection. You've just reminded me to start using Models Own's Indian Ocean again. I wonder what it'll look like over a red shade. :p


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